Monday, 18 April 2011


Welcome to AOKpulse, and our first blog!

Here's a summary of the issues we encountered with a client today.
We categorise issues as RED, AMBER or GREEN

Generally pertains to how the code or actual program works. In this case AOK will flag Red issues.  In this case, there are no changes AOK can make to fix the problem. The problem needs to be dealt with at the program code level by the software vendor

On windows 7 AOK automatically fixes in excess of 95% of the issues it flags as amber. For the few issues that require a decision to be made, an application packager may manually make the changes to the installation routine (MSI) to remediate these using the issue data provided by AOK.

No compatibility issues were identified and they can proceed directly to UAT so they can be tested and made ready for deployment

Over the last few days we assessed 8500 applications and for Windows 7 we found the following:

The main issues we found were:

As you can see, only a third of the application estate had no identifiable issues when being tested for Windows 7 compatibility. The biggest issue for this enterprise was the number of Legacy applications that they wanted to bring forward onto the new operating system. And lucky for them, AOK can fix 100% of the issues these legacy apps threw up!