Thursday, 30 June 2011

TechWorld Awards ChangeBASE’s ‘AOK Browse-It’ as the Enterprise Application of the Year

TechWorld Awards ChangeBASE’s ‘AOK Browse-It’ as the
Enterprise Application of the Year

ChangeBASE voted best in class at key award show

LONDON – 30th June 2011 – ChangeBASE, the world leader in automated application compatibility testing and remediation, today announced that AOK Browse-It has been voted as the 'Enterprise Application of the Year' at the 2011 TechWorld Awards. The awards, which recognise excellence and innovation in the networking sector, are one of the most prestigious accolades on the IT calendar.

ChangeBASE’s AOK Browse-It product was chosen as the leading product by respected industry experts such as: Andy Mulholland, Global Chief Technology Officer of Capgemini and Douglas Hayward, Research Director of analyst firm IDC. The judges awarded the title to ChangeBASE for the innovative nature of its AOK Browse-It product and the company’s work in automatically identifying organisations’ browser and web application compatibility issues over the past year.

Receiving the award Martin Brown, VP Worldwide Sales, ChangeBASE commented: "We faced fierce competition in the category. To be nominated and then to win one of the most prestigious awards of the night is a real success in itself. Although TechWorld presented the award to me - I would like to dedicate the win to the whole ChangeBASE team who have been amazing."  

 “I feel the win mirrors the response we have had from the market this year and how the sector is developing. The enterprise application estate has changed drastically over the past few years. Today, the vast majority of applications being deployed in enterprises are internet based. AOK Browse-It helps organisations migrate to the latest browsers (including IE8/9) effortlessly. The product allows us to help organisations save hundreds of thousands of pounds and months of testing,” concluded Brown.

About ChangeBASE:
ChangeBASE AOK is the market leader in automated compatibility software enabling organizations to simplify and speed up the time it takes to test, remediate and manage the migration process between operating systems or deployment environments. The company has developed a suite of software applications which bring tangible benefits and reduced costs to organisations across the globe.

For further information, please contact:
Kate Hyslop / Emma Bridgeman
Rocket PR
Tel: 08453 707 024

ChangeBASE AOK wins Techworld "Enterprise Application" award....

Tuesday, 28 June 2011

An interesting video covering Fujitsu's VCS Solution

Tony Cox talks about Fujitsu's VCS solution and how it leverages several Citrix Ready technologies from Fujitsu, AppSense, ChangeBASE, and Microsoft:

Thursday, 23 June 2011

Windows 7 plugins: Improvements are on the way…

Here’s some news which existing AOK users will definitely be interested in. We’ve been working hard to improve the “UAC File Header Analysis” plugin. This looks for files in Windows 7 which will trigger a UAC prompts which in most cases will be undesirable, and prevent the application from running for non-admin users. In our updated version of this plugin we’ll be reporting this issue in a more sophisticated way where we can list multiple file header issues for the same file in a single issue. This means that we’re giving more accurate results as you only see one issue per file, instead of multiple issues for the same file. Look out for this in the coming weeks…

Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Mobile and Technology News

Here's the final part of this edition of Carl's Industry Newsletter.

Mobile News
Microsoft have published a guide to help Android developers move to Windows Phone.

Windows Phone’s market share continues to plummet.

After last month’s rumour that Microsoft may buy Nokia, Samsung are rumoured to be considering the purchase too, while poaching their engineers.

HTC’s sales figures for May were $1.42 billion, doubling last year’s figure.

Technology News
We are mentioned in The Register in an article about patch management (thanks ML).

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Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Office, Cloud and Internet Explorer News

Here's the next section of Carl's Industry Newsletter. 

Office News
Microsoft have revealed that “business customers are deploying Office 2010 five times faster than they deployed Office 2007.”

Cloud News
Apple have launched iCloud, their version of SkyDrive. You will be able to sync 5Gb of music and data to their servers, kept here, unless you’re running XP.  Unfortunately it doesn’t come with a perfectly designed box. The music you store doesn’t even need to have been purchased from iTunes.

A little cartoon about The Cloud.

Internet Explorer
The conference video “What developers think of Internet Explorer”, now in watchable quality.

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The ChangeBASE Team

Monday, 20 June 2011

Windows News

Here's the latest edition of the Industry Newsletter by Carl Bennett!

Windows News

Milestone 3 of Windows 8 has been leaked.

Windows 8 has a new install program format, AppX. It looks like the followup to ClickOnce and one click deployment, neither of which have had an impact on the enterprise desktop.

Windows 8 will have a taskbar that spreads across multiple monitors, and will have support for limiting 3G data.

Windows 8 Server edition comes with a new version of Hyper-V.

I can reveal that the version number of Windows 8 will be 6.2, which reveals that it is intended to be fairly compatible with Vista (6.0) and Windows 7 (6.1).

A revealing interview with Steven Sinofsky by a rather aggressive WSJ columnist Walt Mossberg.

The full 30 minute recording of the Windows 8 tablet demo.

Windows Thin PC (the one for VDI with built in virtualisation, my top-tip for one-to-watch) has reached RTM and will be released on July 1st.

Aerial Photographs Windows Desktop Theme, and a special theme for teenage girls … Justin Beiber.

Monday, 13 June 2011

Cloud and Packaging News

Cloud News

Windows Azure Toolkits announced for iOS, Android and Windows Phone.
Microsoft have just made their biggest acquisition to date, buying Skype for $8.5bn.  It may be dwarfed by buying Nokia for $19bn.
Microsoft’s Cloud computing overcomes the laws of physics, illustrated by a confusing infographic.
The American National Institute of Standards and Technology has defined Cloud Computing.
Learn about Cloud Computing and virtualisation technologies at the Microsoft Virtual Academy.
San Francisco has joined the London Underground and USDA in The Cloud.

Packaging News

Robert Dickau has written a blog post on different methods for detecting existing installs.
Microsoft research has a neat solution for depixellating images.  Its relevance to packaging? Check out this funky oldskool setup icon!
Companies use ‘branding’ registry keys to stamp installs on machines, but it is not that straightforward on 64bit windows.  Here’s a solution.
Small, simple freeware for mounting ISO files in Windows 7.
The 2011 Rapture failed because of install issues.
Progress bars on the underground.

Thursday, 9 June 2011

Office News

Here's the second section of Carl's newsletter, all about Office.

Expect Office 2010 SP1 at the end of June with a big list of changes.

New leak of Office 15 Milestone 2 has a lovely UI.

Not news, more of a did you know … Did you know that Office 2010 has a built-in method for letting anyone see your presentation over the web? It’s a bit like GTM.

Hotmail Connector updated for reading your hotmail from Outlook.

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Wednesday, 8 June 2011

AOKLite Feed Back Competition

ChangeBASE, is delighted to declare Mithun Raj, Microland, the winner of an Xbox 360 with Kinect as the winner of our AOKLite Feed Back Competition. Mithun was selected at random from the many others who completed the ChangeBASE AOKLite survey in May.

Mithun Raj, who works as a consultant for Microland on the topic of Windows 7 migration, is heavily involved with the assessment and remediation of application compatibility and is extremely impressed with ChangeBASE’s AOK software; “After using AOKLite I don’t feel like using any tool other than ChangeBASE AOK for application compatibility. It’s so simple and easy to use & best of all, it can fix issues on its own.”

Read the full artical by clicking the link below

Operating System News

Here's another great newsletter from ChangeBASE's Carl Bennett, focusing today on operating systems.

Please feel to add your links and suggestions to the comments section.

Operating System News
At long last we have an official preview of Windows 8 to drool over. Steve Ballmer has said it “will come out next year”.

Windows 8 has a new filesystem, I’m hoping it is this one.

Don’t leak information about Windows 8, you’ll get fired.

Windows 7 now accounts for a third of worldwide OS market share.

After installing Win7 or Win2008R2 you can get a BSOD or a frozen computer, here’s a fix.

A bug in Windows 7 deletes all System Restore Points on every reboot if your pagefile is highly fragmented.  Here’s a workaround.

Meego, an operating system for netbooks (and cars) by Nokia, Intel and Maemo has reached version 1.2
Microsoft’s free antivirus scanner and malware detector.

XP sounding good after all these years.

Every Microsoft PDC video is online.

Every previous newsletter has some funky Win7 themes for you to try.  This one is no exception.