Monday, 13 June 2011

Cloud and Packaging News

Cloud News

Windows Azure Toolkits announced for iOS, Android and Windows Phone.
Microsoft have just made their biggest acquisition to date, buying Skype for $8.5bn.  It may be dwarfed by buying Nokia for $19bn.
Microsoft’s Cloud computing overcomes the laws of physics, illustrated by a confusing infographic.
The American National Institute of Standards and Technology has defined Cloud Computing.
Learn about Cloud Computing and virtualisation technologies at the Microsoft Virtual Academy.
San Francisco has joined the London Underground and USDA in The Cloud.

Packaging News

Robert Dickau has written a blog post on different methods for detecting existing installs.
Microsoft research has a neat solution for depixellating images.  Its relevance to packaging? Check out this funky oldskool setup icon!
Companies use ‘branding’ registry keys to stamp installs on machines, but it is not that straightforward on 64bit windows.  Here’s a solution.
Small, simple freeware for mounting ISO files in Windows 7.
The 2011 Rapture failed because of install issues.
Progress bars on the underground.

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