Monday, 20 June 2011

Windows News

Here's the latest edition of the Industry Newsletter by Carl Bennett!

Windows News

Milestone 3 of Windows 8 has been leaked.

Windows 8 has a new install program format, AppX. It looks like the followup to ClickOnce and one click deployment, neither of which have had an impact on the enterprise desktop.

Windows 8 will have a taskbar that spreads across multiple monitors, and will have support for limiting 3G data.

Windows 8 Server edition comes with a new version of Hyper-V.

I can reveal that the version number of Windows 8 will be 6.2, which reveals that it is intended to be fairly compatible with Vista (6.0) and Windows 7 (6.1).

A revealing interview with Steven Sinofsky by a rather aggressive WSJ columnist Walt Mossberg.

The full 30 minute recording of the Windows 8 tablet demo.

Windows Thin PC (the one for VDI with built in virtualisation, my top-tip for one-to-watch) has reached RTM and will be released on July 1st.

Aerial Photographs Windows Desktop Theme, and a special theme for teenage girls … Justin Beiber.

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