Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Operating System News

Here's another great newsletter from ChangeBASE's Carl Bennett, focusing today on operating systems.

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Operating System News
At long last we have an official preview of Windows 8 to drool over. Steve Ballmer has said it “will come out next year”.

Windows 8 has a new filesystem, I’m hoping it is this one.

Don’t leak information about Windows 8, you’ll get fired.

Windows 7 now accounts for a third of worldwide OS market share.

After installing Win7 or Win2008R2 you can get a BSOD or a frozen computer, here’s a fix.

A bug in Windows 7 deletes all System Restore Points on every reboot if your pagefile is highly fragmented.  Here’s a workaround.

Meego, an operating system for netbooks (and cars) by Nokia, Intel and Maemo has reached version 1.2
Microsoft’s free antivirus scanner and malware detector.

XP sounding good after all these years.

Every Microsoft PDC video is online.

Every previous newsletter has some funky Win7 themes for you to try.  This one is no exception.

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