Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Quest Software launches Quest ChangeBASE products

It gives me enormous pleasure to announce the general availability (GA) of the three Quest ChangeBASE products.

Since Quest Software acquired the people and products of ChangeBASE last October, we’ve been working hard to integrate the two companies as well as rebrand the products and determine new product roadmaps.

The results are now here, and are available from both the main Quest Software pages and from the site of ScriptLogic, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Quest Software.

Quest ChangeBASE is all about application readiness. This means: making your applications ready for new platforms, new versions of platforms and new patches. Change happens all the time – it’s not just e.g. Windows 7, it’s also application releases and patches, application and desktop virtualization (especially terminal servers) and let’s not forget Patch Tuesdays, driver updates… it goes on and on.

So, maintaining a healthy application estate is all about approaching change with two things in mind:

1.     Change is never over. Think of a continuous process, not a single migration.
2.     Automation. Automate as much as you can – from application discovery (what’s out there, what’s being used) through application assessment (what will work on the new platform/with the new version), automated fixing and (if you’re going for application virtualization), automated virtualization. Outsourcing to an off-shore lab where all testing is manual may get you to Windows 7 (but it’ll be expensive – and slow – and may miss key issues), but it won’t help you deal with the constant change of patches, updates and versions.

Today, we launch three new products: ChangeBASE Standard, ChangeBASE Professional and ChangeBASE Browser Compatibility. All three are one-stop shop solutions for specific Application Readiness use-cases. All three provide quality, detailed, automated application compatibility assessment for particular target platforms. The details are to be found on the websites, but the broad-brush picture is: if you want to assess and fix compatibility of your applications with Windows 7 or Office, look at ChangeBASE Standard. If you also want to assess for suitability with application virtualization or terminal servers, look at ChangeBASE Professional. ChangeBASE Professional can also automate the virtualization of your applications. If you want to understand if your website and web apps will work with the newest versions of Internet Explorer, look at ChangeBASE Browser Compatibility.

All three products feature short-time-to-value, download-and-go and extensive automation. All three will radically accelerate your platform migrations as well as the ongoing management of your application estate. Exactly the same trial version of Quest ChangeBASE is available from both the Quest Software site (here) and from the ScriptLogic site (here).

Finally, for those who are already ChangeBASE customers: thank you! No functionality has been lost in this rebranding and repackaging. Get in touch and we can walk you through how the new products map to what you have.
Before we acquired them, ChangeBASE had already amassed a great set of customers all around the world. We look forward to welcoming you to Quest ChangeBASE.


Hugh McEvoy
Manager, Product Management
Quest Software

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