Thursday, 5 April 2012

App Compat Industry News

All the latest from the industry compiled by the team at ChangeBASE - and don't miss the Silly Corner!

Platform News

Test Windows 8 virtually on physical hardware with a bootable VHD

Mounting WIM files in Windows 8

Windows Performance Monitor Disk Counters Explained

How the clipboard in Windows works (at a seriously low-level)

Rainbow, Nature and Moon desktop themes for Windows 7

Virtualisation News

App-V 4.6 SP2 Beta released

XenServer is available for download

XenApp / XenDesktop best practices guide

Download, print and hang on your wall the Windows Server “8” Beta Hyper-V Component Architecture Poster

Packaging News

Process Monitor has a new major version, 3.0.  It now has bookmarking support enabling you to navigate better through log files

.NET Framework Setup Verification Tool tests to see which versions are correctly installed

Browser News

This article on how Chrome is more popular at weekends than IE contains some useful website<->browser incompatibilities in the comments.

How IE10 memory protection keeps the hackers out

IE the browseryoulovedtohate.  “The only thing it is good for is downloading other browsers”

A real-time website compatibility testing tool for Chrome and Firefox

Mobile News

The British lead the way in Europe for accessing news from their phones

Windows Phone 7 is now outselling Symbian

Migration News

The four stages to application readiness

Windows 8: Application Compatibility and Certification

Cloud News

Office News

A series of free (recorded) 15 minute webinars on using Office more effectively

Office 15 Agaves

Migrating to Office 365

Silly Corner

Bat Phone vs iPhone

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