Thursday, 8 December 2011

Q&A with Jon Rolls of Quest Software #3

Jon Rolls talks to Virtual Strategy Magazine about the benefits of using ChangeBASE.

VSM:  What are the benefits of using ChangeBASE?

JR: The single biggest benefit at the CIO level is that it takes the guesswork out of assessing the organization’s suitability for a Windows deployment strategy, whether it is a deployment of Windows 7, VDI or App-V, etc. For example, simply knowing that 30 percent of applications will not experience any difficulties, and which ones have clear red flags, is a massive benefit. Coupled with the ability to remediate many problems automatically, and the speed with which the application portfolio can be continually assessed against new patches, Windows versions and deployment methods delivers ongoing benefits to the organization.

I have long argued that a blended approach to desktop virtualization can give significant cost savings, security and agility advantages to an organization as it assesses its Windows desktop estate. Terminal Server/Session Virtualization is best suited to task workers with a limited application set who do not require an expensive or powerful endpoint device. VDI provides greater personalization and flexibility for workers who need it, but comes at a higher cost. Physical desktops continue to provide the ultimate in user experience and portability, but, with narrower choices in terms of devices and security, client-hosted desktop virtualization is one possible solution for those users. With ChangeBASE, you have an instant view on the applications that can be deployed with each deployment method, making it possible to take advantage of all these technologies and deliver the best desktop service at the lowest cost to the organization.

Quest also offers a free “VDI Assessment” tool which actually can be used to assess suitability of the user population for all manner of deployment techniques, not just VDI. The VDI Assessment tool allows the admin to see which users are best suited to Terminal Server/Session Virtualization, VDI, or to physical desktops, and what applications they typically run. Using this information in conjunction with the ChangeBASE assessment and remediation of application compatibility provides a uniquely holistic view of the possibilities.

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