Thursday, 22 December 2011

Quest's ChangeBASE solution reveals the impact of migration to leading UK retailer

Over the past few weeks the Professional Services team at ChangeBASE, now part of Quest Software, has been working with a leading UK retailer looking to migrate around 2000 applications to Windows 7 and  a virtual environment. The team tested 805 packages against compatibility checks for Windows 7, 64-bit, Microsoft App-V and VMware ThinApp, and found that, in total, nearly 40% of those tested contained at least one serious compatibility issue (highlighted as Red) against at least one of the platforms. Migrating applications without this knowledge could mean critical applications are compromised or simply do not function, which is a risk that organisations cannot afford to take.

Here's the breakdown by platform, showing both the results of the initial testing and the results after automated fixing provided by Quest's ChangeBASE solution set has been applied (where applicable).

Windows 7: Initial Testing

Windows 7: After Automated Fixing

Windows 7 64-bit: Testing (no automated fixing available)

As you can see, the automated remediation provided by Quest's ChangeBASE solution set allowed the majority of applications to proceed directly to UAT for Windows 7, allowing skilled resource to focus on the remaining 24% that require attention. Analysis also revealed the impact that selecting the 64-bit platform version would have, allowing an informed decision to be made before purchase.

Microsoft App-V: Initial Testing

Microsoft App-V: After Automated Fixing

VMware ThinApp: Initial Testing

VMware ThinApp: After Automated Fixing

Assessing the suitability of an application estate for virtualisation is essential before making the move to such an environment. After initial testing, just 32% and 27% of applications were identified as Green against the chosen platforms (i.e. no compatibility issues were identified). Fortunately for the client, not only does the automated remediation provided by the tool dramatically increase these totals, but the analysis also details the reasons for the incompatibilities that can't be automatically solved.

Does your organisation, or your client's, know how migration to a new environment would impact its application estate? Are you looking to make the most of new technologies, but are fearful of the risks involved? Get in contact with our Sales team here for more information, or visit the website.

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