Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Moving to Windows 7?

This computing.co.uk article is interesting reading for both those already planning for the move to Windows 7 and those who have not yet considered it.

According to the author, Barry Angell, research organisation Gartner has predicted the cost of migration to be upwards of £930 per upgrade.

''At the heart of the problem is the seemingly archaic approach adopted by organisations to preparing for migration. Why are companies with leading-edge technology implementations, supporting multi-billion pound businesses, reliant on just a handful of project managers squabbling over spreadsheets? By relying on spreadsheet-based information, this process could take as long as 18 months. Add in the further two years to undertake the actual migration process for several thousand laptops and desktops and the deadline is looming fast.
These organisations have typically invested heavily in business intelligence and data warehousing to transform business insight and drive excellent real-time decision making. Applying that same technology to a desktop migration process can transform the time and cost associated with the move to Windows 7.''

ChangeBASE couldn't agree more! 

If your organisation is considering how best to manage the migration process, whether it be in a move to Windows 7 or a virtual platform, check out how ChangeBASE's automation of application compatibility testing and remediation can make your project faster, simpler and less costly.

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