Monday, 18 July 2011

Top 20 Application Issues in Windows 7 Migrations

Fellow blogger, Femi Akinsola, has neatly identified just how important application compatiblity is when considering a migration project:

''Applications are the most essential pieces of the jigsaw in an operating system migration/upgrade project. Your business or users will not accept having malfunctioning or broken applications due to you replacing the operating system no matter how cutting edge the OS is, or even if there is a reduction in the cost of desktop and application management post-migration. Most business processes are dependent on applications and the migration of these applications have to be carefully planned in order to prevent unhappy and dissatisfied customers.''

Femi Akinsola has collated a list of the Top 20 Application Issues in Windows 7 Migrations. Given these potential risks, how will your organisations assess which of its hundreds or even thousands of applications will work on the new platform of choice? ChangeBASE is the world leader in automated application compatibility testing and remediation software, and ensures that you know exactly what is going to function on Windows 7.

ChangeBASE would love to hear about your Windows 7 migration experiences and how application compatibility has affected your plans. We welcome your comments!

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