Thursday, 6 October 2011

AOK VReady-It - Automated Application Virtualisation Packaging

If your organisation is considering a move to a virtual environment, making sure that the application estate will work is essential - the point of migration is to move forward and improve business functionality, not impede it. This is not, however, the only challenge that must be faced. Knowing that applications will work is one thing, getting them working is another.

It is for this reason that ChangeBASE developed AOK VReady-It, to extend the virtualisation offering that begins with the automated compatibility testing functionality of AOK Virtualise-It. AOK VReady-It allows organisations to dramatically cut their manual repackaging time and budget by automating the virtual conversion process, readying an average of 100 applications a day with consistent and risk-free results.

This video demo shows AOK VReady-It in action, replacing costly manual effort with the click of a button.
If you'd like more information on ChangeBASE virtualisation offering, please visit the AOK Virtualise-It and AOK VReady-It product pages, contact the ChangeBASE team, or leave your comments below.

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