Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Application Compatibility News

Carl Bennett, Technical Specialist for ChangeBASE at Quest Software, has carefully selected all the best bits of what's new in the application compatibility space. And just for fun, check out Carl's Ye Olde Computer History Corner - time to reminisce...

Platform News
Windows 8’s recovery mode in detail
Windows 8 storage spaces allow volumes to span disks
Windows 8 introduces picture passwords
How to prevent pending updates from installing when shutting down Windows
Do you need to reboot but have lots of Outlook and Word windows open? If you want all your windows restoring after the reboot, go to the Run box and type Shutdown /g
Ice and Globes Windows desktop themes

Compatibility News
Brian Madden reviews both ChangeBASE and its competitor
Don’t miss the Microsoft, Quest ChangeBASE and Flexera Software webcast on Tools to Accelerate Windows 7 Deployment on January 18th

Virtualisation News
VMWare Workstation 8’s new features in detail

Browser News
For the first time, Microsoft are about to push major IE updates to get XP on IE8 and everyone else on IE9.  Chris Jackson shows how you can block it from happening.
IE6 usage is now less than 1% in The US. Microsoft celebrate with a T-shirt, mug and cake.
The Evolution of Search, google’s story.

Packaging News
Advanced Installer now supports ThinApp.
Improved (hacked) version of resource hacker for modifying PE files.  You can use it to cheat in Minesweeper.
InstallAware and their Delphi tale of adventure.

Mobile News
Windows Phone now has 50,000 apps, Android has 400,000, Apple has over 500,000
3.7 million people got an Android for Christmas and 3.8 million got an iPhone/iPad
The Courier Tablet and the story of how Microsoft killed it.

Ye Olde Computer History Corner
The Apple Collection 1986/87 (I like the windsurfing sail but the shorts are horrible)
Triumph of the Nerds, documentary about Microsoft, Apple and all the other contributors to the story of modern computing

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