Thursday, 19 January 2012

Check out Greg Lambert, Chief Technical Architect of the ChangeBASE solution, on his Application Compatibility blog.
Here's an excerpt from his latest look into Microsoft's plan for Windows 8:
"Microsoft has recently announced that Windows 8 Server and then Windows 8 (desktop?) will support a new file system called ReFS or Resilient File System. This will be the first low-level update of the desktop and server platform file systems for just over 10 years with the introduction of NTFS (New Technology File System) in 2000.

Some of the key benefits of this new FileSystem will include;
  • Maintain a high degree of compatibility with a subset of NTFS features that are widely adopted while deprecating others that provide limited value at the cost of system complexity and footprint.
  • Verify and auto-correct data. 
  • Optimize for extreme scale. 
  • Never take the file system offline.
  • Provide a full end-to-end resiliency architecture when used in conjunction with the Storage Spaces feature, 
Some great ideas and once again,  Microsoft has a strong focus on backward compatibility, and so compatibility deserves a space at the top of the new system's feature list."
To read the full article, and more from Greg Lambert, visit his blog now.

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