Tuesday, 2 August 2011

AOK Assess-It Report by Mike Russell

My name is Mike Russell and I'm a Solutions Engineer at ChangeBASE. I've been working on an application compatibility assessment for a governmental organisation hoping to move their 4000-strong application estate and 65,000 users to Windows 7 in the near future. This has been achieved using AOK Assess-It, which gives an overview based on a sample of the client’s application estate.

The AOK Assess-It Workbench toolset includes compatibility checks for:

·         Windows 7 Compatibility
·         App-V Virtualization Assessment
·         Office 2007
·         Windows 64-bit
·         Internet Explorer 8 Compatibility

We categorise issues as REDAMBER or GREEN.

This type of issue generally pertains to how the code or actual program works, and in this case there are no changes AOK can make to fix the problem. This will need to be dealt with at the program code level by the software vendor.

With regards to Windows 7, AOK automatically fixes in excess of 95% of the issues it flags as amber. In order to remediate the few remaining issues that require a decision to be made, an application packager can make the necessary changes to the installation routine (MSI) manually using the issue data provided by AOK.

This means that no compatibility issues have been identified and that these applications can proceed directly to UAT to be tested and made ready for deployment.

In this case, the AOK Assess-It reports were run against a portfolio of 29 application packages. Here’s what we found:

As you can see, a significant number of compatibility problems were raised during the assessment. However, the majority of the Windows 7 Amber issues could be automatically fixed within AOK. This left only 2 application packages requiring manual fixing, which was made far simpler and quicker by AOK’s ability to show exactly which packages were affected and what needed to be done. It also highlighted the remaining 2 Red issues, Adobe Photoshop Elements 9.msi and Elements 9 Organizer.msi, which would need more substantial action on a program code level in order to work in a Windows 7 environment.

All in all, the client was extremely pleased with the results and how ChangeBASE could make there migration project faster, easier and less costly. The AOK assessment has allowed the organisation, formerly unaware of the true extent of migration challenges, to prepare for moving forward.

For more information on how ChangeBASE can help your organisation, please visit our website or contact the Sales team.

Mike Russell

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