Wednesday, 17 August 2011

AOK Assessment for Leading Financial Organisation

Last week, Ben Nel, Technical Specialist at ChangeBASE, visited a leading financial organisation which is looking to migrate from Windows XP to Windows 7 64-bit. Ben demonstrated the power of AOK by assessing 40 of the organisation applications, made up of 61 packages, of which 41 were identified as Green (no compatibility issues found) and 20 as Amber (fixable compatibility issues found) when run against Windows 7 checks.

Thanks to the unique automated fixing functionality of AOK, all of these issues were remediated and the applications were ready to proceed on to UAT. 64-bit checks saw 59 Green packages, but also 2 Red packages being flagged up. This meant that these contained fundamental compatibility issues at the program code level. Had these applications been business critical to such a major financial institution and gone unnoticed during the migration project, the damage to the organisation could have been severe.

AOK took just 15 minutes to setup, an hour to generate the report results on the MSI packages and around 20 minutes to fix all Windows 7 issues using the automated fixing functionality of AOK Fix-It.

In addition to Windows 7 and 64-bit checks, Ben also tested the application portfolio for its suitability for virtualisation with Microsoft App-V using AOK Virtualise-It. AOK reported 10 Red packages, 32 Amber packages and 19 Green packages. After automated fixing, the number of Amber packages was reduced to 27, already removing a large amount of testing and remediation time. In all 15 applications were suitable for App-V conversion.

AOK VReady-It is an automated solution which converts your compatible applications into virtual formats. This can be done in bulk – in fact AOK VReady-it can virtualise over 100 applications a day! 12 applications out of the 15 were converted into the appropriate App-V format in this manner, equating to an 80% success rate. The reasons for the remaining applications not being automatically converted to an App-V format using were either that that multiple MSIs were required to install the application, or that the application required some form of manual modification before it could be converted. In this case, AOK reporting identified the issues and enabled such action to be taken quickly and easily.

The organisation found the results very informative and can now proceed with its final pre-deployment checks.

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