Friday, 12 August 2011

Rapid rise in Windows 7 adoption, says Gartner

Earlier this week, Gartner reported that Windows 7 is set to become the leading operating system globally with 42% of computers running on it by the end of the year.

"By the end of 2011, nearly 635 million new PCs worldwide are expected to be shipped with Windows 7. Many enterprises have been planning their deployment of Windows 7 for the last 12 to 18 months, and are now moving rapidly to Windows 7," stated research director Annette Jump, Gartner, who puts such a rapid transition to the operating system down to improving IT budgets over the last 18 months.

Gartner also suggested what the future holds; “many organizations will also use alternative client computing architectures for standard PCs with Windows OS, and move toward virtualization and cloud computing in the next five years.

Given this shift, and with the end of support for Windows XP looming, can you afford to be left behind? How is your organisation going to manage this increasingly essential migration process? Application compatibility is a major concern in Windows 7 migration, hinted at by the latest Windows 7 Application Compatibility List which has been made available by Microsoft and assesses 27,466 applications. Whilst this is a useful guide for standard applications, what about those not included in this list, those specific to your organisation, and those which have been customised and altered to suit your needs? 

If you’re one of the many organisations looking towards migration, virtualisation or both, AOK can get your applications to the target platform quickly, effectively and cost-efficiently.

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