Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Windows 7 Application Compatibility Webinar by ChangeBASE

With Gartner expecting 42% of PCs to be on Windows 7 by the end of the year, migration to this new platform is more vital than ever to keep up with the competition. However, how can you ensure that your applications will work in this new environment? Can you afford to leave business-critical functionality behind?

The Windows 7 Application Compatibility Webinar is essential viewing for those considering the move towards this new platform. The video discusses some of the compatibility issues that your organisation is likely to face, before explaining how the automated testing and remediation functionality provided by AOK can get up to 95% of your applications working on Windows 7.

Why not try out AOK for free with AOKLite? This downloadable tool version of the AOK Workbench will allow you test 10 of your own applications, giving you a better idea of how AOK can help your organisation. 

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