Monday, 14 November 2011

Application Estate Assessment - Windows 7 and 64-bit

Over the past few weeks, the Professional Services team has been assisting one of our latest clients to conduct a preliminary Windows 7 and 64-bit compatibility assessment of 190 packages. I'd like to share the results with you so that you can see how the automation offered by Quest's ChangeBASE solution set makes getting your application estate working in a new environment simpler, faster and less costly.

As you can see, an overwhelming majority of the packages tested have been identified as Green, meaning that no compatibility issues have been flagged by Quest's ChangeBASE solution set. These can be passed on for UAT and deployment on the new platform. 

The Windows 7 analysis has identified 35% of the packages as Amber, meaning that the compatibility issues they contain can be remediated. Such issues have been picked up by the following checks, which make up just a small number of the 250,000+ that are included in the ChangeBASE solution set:
  • Custom Action Security Scan (v3.15) 
  • Elevated Privileges Detection (v1.04)
  • Hard Coded File References Scan (v3.42) 
  • Install Logic Scan (v1.12) 
  • Legacy Control Panel Applet Scan (v3.17)
  • Legacy Help File Scan (v3.25)
  • UAC File Header Analysis (v1.06) 
Automated fixing is available for the vast majority of these issues, so your organisation's skilled resource can focus on where it is needed most and leave the more trivial tasks to ChangeBASE.

1% of those packages tested against Windows 7 checks and 8% of those checked against Windows 7 64-bit checks have been flagged as Red, which indicates a more substantial issue that can not be fixed. Had these applications been deployed on the target platform, it is likely that they would not have functioned correctly, if at all, posing a huge risk to the organisation. The inclusion of non-supported drivers and 16-bit files, among other faults, are a key cause for concern for this particular client.

For more information, please visit the ChangeBASE website.

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