Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Tools for migrating XP applications to Windows 7 - Computer Weekly looks at the ChangeBASE Technology

Computer Weekly's Technology Editor Cliff Saran has been very interested in application compatibility recently.
His latest article looks in particular at migrating from Windows XP to Windows 7, and uses the example of how Dutch transport provider RET has used the ChangeBASE solution to accelerate their migration:


The IT team at Holland train operator RET has been using ChangeBase's Aok to support its Windows 7 migration, as part of an office move. RET's IT team supports more than 1,300 PCs and laptops with in excess of 200 applications.

Martin Spijkers, technical system development co-ordinator, said the company currently uses Windows XP, but while it is not experiencing any problems with the OS, a hardware refresh and OS migration was necessary to get the most out of the move.Twelve people worked on the Windows 7 migration, three of whom were dedicated to the repackaging and migration of the 200+ applications. "We had five months in which to complete the project. The driving reason to migrate was the outdated hardware; it is easier to place new hardware with the latest software OS in a new building than move with old ones," he said.

By using Aok, making applications Windows 7-compliant will now take a lot less time, said Spijkers. "We can focus on the real compatibility problems that Aok tells us there are and more importantly, where they are. This is particularly important given RET only has two people working to make more than 200 applications Windows 7 compatible."
"Aok will reduce our packaging time by a third on average. Historically, most of our time was spent on resolving conflicts and searching for compatibility issues. With the Fix-It button [in Aok], minor issues are solved for you - we don't waste time any more," he said.


To read the full article at Computer Weekly, as well as Cliff Saran's other articles on application compatibility, click here.

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