Thursday, 24 November 2011

Update your Parent's Browser Day!

In October, despite encouragement from Microsoft, 7.9% of the world were still using Internet Explorer 6. This has lead to a call to arms from Alexis Madrigal, Senior Editor at The Atlantic - "Do it for the web developers. Do it for the designers. Do it for your parents. On Friday, November 25, every old web browser must go."

With useful strategies to help cover up your involvement in the switch and avoid parental confrontation, Madrigal has it covered. Let's hope that the cause gets the momentum it deserves! 

This is the last of many strategies that have attempted to wean users off the out-dated browser, making it all the more important for organisations to ensure that their websites and web applications keep up with the pace of change. Adopting a later version of Internet Explorer is essential. As highlighted in a previous post, however, incompatibilities with IE8/9 may cause major presentation and operational issues, seriously impeding the experience of both users and employees. 

ChangeBASE's Browse-It solution, winner of the TechWorld Enterprise Application of the Year Award 2011 and now a part of Quest Software, takes the pain out of this process by automating the testing of websites, intranets, portals and web-based applications for compatibility with Internet Explorer 8 and 9. No more guessing where problems may lie and why, and no more potential customers being hindered by a bad user experience. 

For more information on ensuring the compatibility of your web applications, please visit the ChangeBASE Browse-It site or get in contact here.

Thanks for reading, and have a happy Update your Parent's Browser Day!

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