Thursday, 24 November 2011

Automated fixing by Quest's ChangeBASE solution set

Compatibility analysis of an organisation's application estate is essential preparation for any migration project - you need to know exactly what will and won't work in order to keep your business fully functional.

Identification alone, however, is not enough. So an application has issues - what if replacing it or leaving it behind isn't an option? Manual remediation can be a costly and lengthy process, with the results wholly dependent on the quality and consistency of the skilled resource used. What if the sheer scale of the application estate means this will take months, maybe years? For many, this simply isn't feasible.

Automated remediation of many of the Windows 7 application compatibility issues is one of the central benefits provided by Quest's ChangeBASE solution set. On average, 95% of Amber issues found can be resolved automatically, leaving your skilled resource to focus its efforts on where it is really needed. What's more, as Quest's ChangeBASE solution set pinpoints every issue found, your team is directed straight to the problem armed with the information it requires to take rapid action.

A recent POC analysing 190 packages highlights just how much of a difference automated fixing can make to a project. Windows 7 Amber issues, as shown below, affect 69 packages, or around 36% of the total. 

According to the report, getting these Amber packages working on Windows 7 would require an effort level of 296, that is to say approximately 296 hours of manual work or almost 8 weeks full-time. And that's just for 190 packages. Fortunately, 97% of these Amber issues can be automatically remediated by ChangeBASE. It's no wonder that the organisation is question added Fix-It functionality to their project and are now reaping the cost and time saving benefits of automated remediation.

For more information on how Quest's ChangeBASE solution set can not only assess your estate, but ultimately make the process of getting applications working faster, simpler and less costly, please visit the Fix-It product page or get in contact at

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