Monday, 26 September 2011

And the verdict is...Windows 8 is on the right track!

Last week, we invited you to join the debate on whether Windows 8 was a step in the right direction for Microsoft or doomed to fail. The masses have spoken and 62% agree with Ed Bott's assessment that, after the failure of Windows Vista and the "much-needed course correction" of Windows 7, "Windows 8 is aimed squarely in the right direction."

This praise of the new operating system, however, was accompanied last week by a stark warning from Gartner: skipping Windows 7 is a risky strategy which could result in a wide gap during which organisations will be unsupported. According to Michael A. Silver, David W. Cearley, and Stephen Kleynhans, whilst it may be tempting for organisations who have not yet made the upgrade to hold out for Windows 8, the likelihood of reaching this before running XP support runs out is slim.

With Microsoft promising that those applications supported in a Windows 7 environment will work in Windows 8, moving to this 'interim' platform remains an important step in the migration process and will ensure that the functionality of your organisation isn't compromised.

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