Wednesday, 14 September 2011

ChangeBASE announces IE9 Plug-ins for AOK Browse-It

With web application compatibility being a stumbling block for many organisations migrating to Windows 7, the  team at ChangeBASE has today announced the development of its AOK Browse-It IE9 plug-ins.

The AOK IE9 functionality comprises of fourteen individual plug-ins specifically developed to test for the potential compatibility issues that websites, intranets, extranets, online portals and web applications may encounter in IE9. Segmented into two distinct groups, IE9 presentation compatibility issues and IE9 operational compatibility issues, the plug-ins test and report on web application issues using the same methodology, accuracy and QA audit trail as with all other AOK modules and checks. Organisations can then take appropriate action against the findings to either deploy to IE9, fix as appropriate or make the web application redundant from the portfolio.

Outlined below is an overview of the plug-ins that make up the AOK IE9 Reporting Group.  

IE9 Presentation Compatibility Issues are addressed by the following;
  • MIME Handling Analysis – addressed by two plug-ins
  • Asian Font Rendering Analysis
  • Static Text Rendering Analysis
  • CSS3 Declaration Compatibility Analysis - addressed by two plug-ins 

IE9 Operational Compatibility Issues are addressed by the following:
  • HTML Syntax Analysis
  • HTML Attribute Analysis
  • HTML Property Analysis
  • IFRAME API Analysis
  • JavaScript Property Enumeration Analysis
  • JavaScript Function Analysis
  • Deprecated DOM Event Analysis
  • Popular JavaScript Framework Analysis

More information on how AOK Browse-It can make your move to the latest version of Internet Explorer faster, simpler and less costly is available here

You can also find out more about the new IE9 functionality by watching the AOK demo video, in which we demonstrate the plug-ins so you can see for yourself how they work within the AOK Workbench. 

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