Friday, 30 September 2011

Virtual Platform of the Week – VMware ThinApp

This week, Ben Cook, Senior Technical Consultant, has explored how applications may function if moved to a VMware ThinApp environment. Using the Thin-App report groups included in AOK Virtualise-It, Ben has tested four of his most frequently used applications in order to highlight the types of issues that may be encountered by organisations considering the move to this virtual platform.

ChangeBASE AOK 4.1
Naturally, ChangeBASE is interested to see how its own products react to new environments.
AOK was given the AOK, for want of a better word, and the ThinApp package Ben created works well.

AOK result: Correct.

FileZilla 3.5.1
AOK also marked this as green, and Ben was able to create a fully working ThinApp package for this application.

AOK result: Correct.

Google Chrome 14
This application also got the go ahead, and the ThinApp package is fully functional.

AOK result: Correct.

Lightroom 3.3 (x64)
Bad news for those hoping to get this application working in a ThinApp environment - AOK flagged this as red, predicting that it would fail due to the detection of 64-bit files. Sure enough, when Ben tried to create a ThinApp package for Lightroom, the process failed as the .exe is 64-bit:

AOK result: Correct.

All in all, a good result for VMware ThinApp compatibility, and complete success for AOK!

Thanks for your interest in ChangeBASE’s Virtual Platform of the Week.  Don’t forget to check out next week’s post where Ben will be exploring another virtual platform, SWV by Symantec.

For more information on how AOK can get your applications working in virtual environments, fast, please visit our AOK Virtualise-It and AOK VReady-It pages.

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