Tuesday, 6 September 2011

React faster with AOK!

The Professional Services team have been engaging with a large number of both partners and clients recently to help them with their application compatibility projects. This gives them a valuable insight into the real concerns of organisations, which are in turn reflected in ChangeBASE's solutions.

A problem that the team are frequently presented with is that getting all the applications from the appropriate application owners throughout the business can be extremely lengthy process. In a recent engagement it was suggested that it may take up to a year for the organisation to fully understand the potential impact of a migration to a new operating system or environmental change such as moving to Microsoft Office 2010, largely based on this delay in getting the applications to the right people, ready for assessment.

With AOK, organisations facing this challenge can create a database of sample applications which allows them to conduct an initial impact analysis quickly, in advance of getting the latest applications from individual departments. This information provides a useful, and early, indication of the level of compatibility issues that the application estate is likely to encounter, allowing organisations to prepare for such a move.

In addition to this feature, organisations can further prepare for future environmental changes by setting up a database for their specific desktop build and using AOK Manage-It to understand the impact of updates such as Microsoft patches. This provides vital information on compatibility issues before such changes are deployed, removing the risk of lost functionality.

AOK can help your organisation react to environmental changes more quickly, accelerating deployment and keeping up with the competition. For more information please visit the ChangeBASE website or leave your comments below!

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