Monday, 26 September 2011

Platform and Browser News

Here's a snippet of the latest industry news from Carl Bennett, Technical Specialist at ChangeBASE.

Platform News

It is not just WindowsXP that is due to be unsupported in the near future; Office 2003, Windows Server 2003, Exchange 2003, SCCM 2003 are on their way out too.

Control multiple computers with one keyboard and mouse without a KVM with a new Microsoft tool.

Have you ever wondered where the XP default wallpaper was photographed? The story goes that the grapes normally growing in the California valley had a disease that year and grass was growing instead.

Browser News

IE 9 and 10 now get 100% on the ACID3 test because the criteria have been lowered.

A widely-reported story about Internet Explorer users being stupid was a hoax

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