Thursday, 29 September 2011

ChangeBASE at Fusion 11

Mike Russell, Solutions Engineer at ChangeBASE, has spent the last few days in Washington Fusion 11, which brings together the greatest minds and the most respected practitioners to facilitate a total immersion experience into today’s most relevant service management topics, including Cloud computing, virtualisation and SAAS. Mike had a great time on the CDC stand and got the opportunity to chat to delegates from a wide variety of organisations about their migration projects. 

For every 10 organisations Mike spoken to, around 3 had already made the move to Windows 7, and the majority of those who hadn’t yet were considering it. AOK by ChangeBASE can of course accelerate and simplify this migration by automating the testing of applications for compatibility with the new operating system, and fixing the vast majority of amber issues that are reported.

However, the main story that came out of Mike’s time at Fusion 11 was the benefit of AOK for those already using Windows 7. Patch and update management, for example, was recognised as a major concern for many organisations, for which AOK Manage-It provides the solution. With this AOK bolt-on module you can create a database of applications, a safe test environment, to assess the impact that monthly patches will have, allowing you to remove the risk of deploying to the active environment.

A second example of how AOK goes beyond the adoption of Windows 7 was revealed in Mike’s discussion with an organisation in the nuclear science field. As it transpired, the company was on Windows 7, however this was not their only platform – in order to cater for all the applications necessary to continue vital processes, they were also on Windows 98, 2000, ME and XP!

The cost and upkeep of such an environment can only be imagined - what happens when support becomes too expensive? What if employees wanted to start making the most of mobile devices, and accessing these applications through these? What if the organisation had to virtualise to keep up with the competition?

AOK gives organisations in this situation options – by lessening risk, cost and time, migration is made more feasible. With AOK, businesses can move forward without leaving behind essential functionality.

Whether you are only just beginning to consider a migration project, have come out the other side, or are anywhere in between, AOK by ChangeBASE can help.

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