Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Internet Explorer 9 - don't get left behind!

In a recent AOKPulse post, dependency on Internet Explorer 6 was recognised as a key hindrance to Windows 7 migration and, because of this, as a major problem for those organisations who are unable to keep up with the times.

"With less the 1000 days to the end of support for Windows XP, enterprises are starting to realise that time is against them and migration must be achieved sooner rather than later," explains Rhys Sharp, CTO, SCC. "This problem is compounded when security threats are coming from new sources, driving the need for a more secure operating system and browser."

"SCC understands this challenge and has been working with technology partner ChangeBASE to offer its customers quick and simple solutions that address the blockers to migration, namely the incompatibility of both local and web applications," adds Rhys Sharp. "With many organisations seemingly tied to IE6 they have found it impossible to migrate, and in a fast moving technology world where Cloud services are driving development of web-based applications even faster we have seen new browser versions delivered at astonishing speed to match the increasing demands of users and applications."

Today's impetus is not only to leave IE6 in order to reap the benefits of Windows 7, but also those offered by IE9. "The latest browser from Microsoft has been well received by enterprises of all sizes offering excellent performance and unparalleled security but organisations with IE6 applications can’t take advantage of the new features," confirms Rhys Sharp. In a recent Computing article, IE9 was reportedly deemed to be "thrashing rival browsers" when it comes to security, blocking 99% of malicious URLs as opposed to the 13% protection offered by Google Chrome 12.

Getting to the latest version of Internet Explorer is more vital than ever – can you afford to be left behind?

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