Friday, 9 September 2011

Is Internet Explorer 6 holding you back?

Earlier this week, an IT News's article stated that Internet Explorer 6 is the biggest block to Windows 7. According to Microsoft's Internet Explorer 6 Countdown, 9.7% of the world was still using IE6 in August 2011, despite efforts to encourage upgrade, and this is having a substantial affect on the deployment of the latest operating system.

For Chris Jackson, IE6 is the "number one blocker of Windows 7 deployments that we have right now". In fact, IT News states that having a web app which is only compatible with this older version of the browser is keeping up to half of those reluctant to move to Windows 7/IE8 away from the new platform.

Are you letting Internet Explorer compatibility worries hinder your migration? Advice has been given not to over-test, however if the functionality of your organisation depends on websites and web applications then leaving compatibility to chance may be a risky strategy.

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